What Makes Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry Different!

At Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry, we want to stand out and create a unique and memorable experience for each patient and the family. Here are a few things we feel it’s important for you to know about us!

  1. Gentle and patient approach: Every aspect of the appointment can make a difference to the child. We attempt to gain the patient’s trust first in order for him or her to feel safe and comfortable. We also strive to earn the confidence of parents that their child is cared for in the best way possible. We understand the comfort that comes with seeing your little one cared for with compassion and thoughtfulness. Not every patient will want to immediately jump in the chair … and that’s ok! Once your child is ready, unless it’s an emergency, we move on to dentistry. It is not unusual for a truly anxious patient to need some time or a few appointments to feel comfortable!
  2. Sensory Room: We understand that not every child will feel comfortable in an open-concept space. Though it does help to see other children having fun, sometimes a private space is needed! This room is specifically designed for patients with extra sensory needs or extreme anxiety. When you call, let us know if you think your child may need this room.
  3. We love our parents: We know there’s nobody that knows your child better than you! That’s why we welcome parents to be included in every aspect of the appointment. Whether your child is here for a cleaning or to fix a cavity, you are encouraged to be with your child the entire time!
  4. Conservative treatment/X-ray recommendations: There is no “one size fits all” for treatment, and this requires a thoughtful, individualized approach to what is best for each patient. Not every cavity has to be fixed. X-rays may not be necessary every six months. The AAPD recommends the frequency of X-rays be directly correlated to the cavity risk of the patient!
  5. We are gentle but efficient: We do not use papoose boards for treatment. Instead, we work with children at their pace. We know they don’t enjoy sitting in the chair for long periods of time. We work efficiently, but deliver the highest quality of care while having fun at the same time!
  6. We respect your time: Every effort is made to see you at your appointment time.
  7. We work together: Want fluoride, don’t want fluoride? It’s up to you. Together, we come up with a plan that works best for your family and your values.
  8. We’re particular about our materials. We believe the health of our child’s mouth has a direct impact on systemic well-being. A child’s mouth is connected to their whole body, so what we put in there, from food to materials, matters! We aim to use the best materials and use a water filtration system. We use tooth-colored fillings with BPA-free options. Dr. Andrea won’t put something in your child’s mouth that she wouldn’t put in her own.
  9. Infant Room: We have designed a room for our tiniest patients to feel cozy and safe at the dentist. Baby can sit in the parent’s or caretaker’s lap, may explore, look at our tools, and use the visits to get acclimated to their dental home.
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